Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am not dying yet!

So I thought maybe that I would have six months to live. But it is not true. I have my whole life!!! The wonderful doctor that upset Milly, I mean Millie (sorry Jeri) told me today that she would go away just as soon as I stopped running. Okay thats not the truth either. She is just there to make me pay lots of money to find out that she is infected and will go away with time. Even though Dr. Mumford wants to take her out for fun. Fun, what kind of fun is that. Some people's fun. Sounds like Kara, from what I learned at lunch yesterday. People would maybe stop thinking that it is a hickey on my neck. I had major trauma and they thought it was a hickey. It's sad but true, Millie will leave us. Hopefully sooner than later. That would also mean that I would have to pick up my prescription. Oops, I forgot.

So, the big race is in one day. I am getting a little nervous. I am still not sure what to wear. I did find good underwear though. That is a major thing. I will let you know how it goes.

Degan had his one year check up today and is doing great!! He is a thriving boy, he said that after Degan had the whole room torn apart. Megan Walker then came over and took some pictures of him. It was such a nice day. Degan really didn't work it very well, but I think she got some good ones. I will post them as soon and I get them. Degan gets to spend the night at Grandma's tomorrow night. I hope all goes well with that.

Wish me LUCK!!!


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