Friday, March 20, 2009

Life is CRAZY!

Well in the past few weeks I have moved to a trailer in Emmett. Craig was feeding cows for the Emmett Livestock auction. Then he got a "real" job with JT Construction. He has worked for them before. We want to buy a house, but the process is taking forever!!! So now we are moving in with my parents until we find a house and close on it. We went house searching and found a couple that I really like. 2 of them sold the day before. Bummer :( Craig's first day on the job he had to go out of town for the whole week. So I have been stuck with calling a real estate agent, lending company and getting pre-approved and finding a house. I might go crazy!

I went to the Dr. on Tuesday. I am dilated to a 3. The baby can't come this week, but we are counting on next week. Just fyi, Brynn said that I could go first and rumor has it she is having a baby. She lied!

Thanks to my parents and Craig's parents. They have done so much for us. We are truley gratefull. I am not sure what I would do with out them. Also thanks to Alisa. She saved me by chocolate!! and candy. I should be set until she comes again. Thanks to Jeri and Scott. They are great friends with a great looking house! Thanks to Darcia. My baby is set for at least 9 months. She just gave us 2 car seats! Craig and I have a great support system. We love you all!

Christmas 2007