Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Long time

It's been a couple of weeks so.....

Craig and I already opened our presents from each other. We are bad and can't wait until Christmas. Last year was early too. He came home from shopping and I told him that if he just gave them to me know, he would have to wrap them. This year... he had his mom wrap my present and it was lying of the floor (because I don't have enough energy this year to fight Craig about a Christmas tree) and I guessed what it was. Then he wanted me to open it. It was a Pink 22. I was so excited. I haven't got pictures yet but when I do. It is soooooo cool lookin'. As soon and the ground freezes we are going shooting!!

The baby is doing great. I can feel him move all over the place. During church he likes to kick at my ribs. It doesn't feel good. I haven't thrown up in awhile. But now I have heartburn. If not one thing something else. I am a pro- ugly prego pants. They are wonderful even though they are utterly ugly. No buttons, zippers or any thing else that can get in my way of going to the bathroom, which I do alot! Thanks to everyone that has given me clothes!

The family is doing great! Linda (Craig's mom) has made her Christmas chocolates!! (chocolate gives me heartburn the worst, but I don't care.) Tonia's doctor said that she could have the baby anytime! Holy Cow! Time flies when you are having fun. Jenny and Hal are coming for Christmas so we can see their very cute kids. Darcia's babies are sooo cute and growing like crazy.

Luke (on the left) looks like Darcia. I was over there on Saturday and Cole was smiling and laughing when we were playing. They are family so I have bragging rights! Anna is enjoying her first finals week. When she came home for Thanksgiving she broke her finger. It is the funnest story ever. I die laughing every time I think about it. She is now laughing too so it is okay. Craig is doing finals also. He thinks life is ruff! And we are very excited to here from Terry and Shaun on Christmas.

Life couldn't be better right now! Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas 2007