Sunday, July 11, 2010

Out of sight out of mind!

And I am definitely out of my mind. It's been a long but and a lot has gone on. First Degan is growing up. He is a little man with a big attitude. He loves Mom, Dad and both Grandma's and thats it. He tolerates some others but not well. Craig is still working hard. And I keep him busy as can be when he comes home. Our yard finally looks like a yard could go there. Maybe next year we will plant some grass and get my awesome fire pit. Craig did put some rocks in a circle so I could have s'mores.

Summer has been crazy. First Miss Gem County was a success. Congrats to Sarah Downs and Bailey Butcher. We were able to crown two girls this year and they will be competing for Miss Idaho next June. We have a facebook, check it out! Also we are starting the program Miss Gem County Outstanding Teen Pageant. Girls 14 to 16 if interested let me know and I can get you some info.

Our garden looks great! We are getting about a hand full of raspberries every other day. Degan loves them. All the other plants look great just no harvest yet! It is early!

Last weekend we had a yard sale with some of my cousins. Too much work and not fun. I don't think that I will ever do one of those again. And it was hot and I didn't make a dang thing.

My sister has a pool, so Degan and I go swimming every once in a while. Its really nice to cool off and let Degan play. There back yard is way better than ours. And he gets to play with his cousins. Craig and I have also got up to the dam a couple of times. It seems like every time I wake board something else hurts. Thanks to our friends with pools and boats. It is going to keep us cool this summer.

Craig has been playing on a softball league. They only ask me to play if they don't have enough girls. I am not the star of the team, but I usually have something funny to say! We played Church softball and it was fun only when we played Jeri's team!

Thats our summer so far! Maybe I will keep up!

Christmas 2007