Monday, February 22, 2010

So cute

So in nursery you can here the funniest things. But this one tops it. A little boy was tooting in class and someone said something to him and he said "There is bubbles in my pants." Love it!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Running are lives away.

That is what I feel some days. This semester has been a crazy one. On top of the classes I am taking I have volunteer 66 hours at the high school. I get up and go to the school, come home do some homework and housework and then go to class. This is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I can't wait for Thursday to get done. By that time I am waisted.

About four weeks ago Darcia (my sister) called my up and asked if I would like to run the Salt Lake City 1/2 Marathon. Oh and the training starts today. I of course said yes. I would like everyone to know that I am right on track with the training and on April 17th 2009 I am going to run the marathon with three of my sisters and some friends. I have one sister that wont be able to make it. Only because she is having a baby in March. It is going to be fun. The training is very hard but I am progressing. Yesterday out of the 4 miles I ran 3 of them. Rock on DIAN. When this started I could barely run a 1/4 of a mile straight. And yesterday I ran a mile and 1/2 straight. I feel personal acheivements!

Degan is growing up so fast. What happened to my baby. He has been standing by himself for sometime now. About a month ago he started to try and walk. Today he is walking all around my house. He is so cute too. He is so proud of himself and falls sometimes because he gets so excited. It is so funny. When he falls he claps his hands.

Craig is working hard for are family. We only wish that he could be in town more often. Degan loves his daddy. Degan and I took a couple of trips to Twin Falls to see him. Degan doesn't travel well. But we made it there and back twice. On our trips we got to catch up on some friends of mine from college. Matt, Jessica and Halle. And oh my, Halle is so cute. Jeremy and Alisa, we miss you, especially Degan. He loves his Godparents. Someday we will all have to meet at our house.

I will blog more on my training. Six miles tomorrow!

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