Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am trying again!

We now live a way from family, so I am going to try this blog thing. I might take me awhile to get it all up and running and a whole lot is happening and has happened. I will try to stay with the times. First of all Craig and I moved our family to Pocatello. It has been quite a change for us and especially for Degan living away from all of his Grandparents. Between him asking where Terry is he will ask for Grandma or Grandpa and then say lets go see them. I then have to remind him that they live a long ways away. We are getting settled in and moving along with our lives. We just took some family pictures, as soon as I get them I will post them! But these are the most important things in our lives!

Here is Degan!

And here is his baby brother... Mason Born June 22, 2011. Degan does really good with Mason. Sometimes he does get a little jealous.

Christmas 2007