Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My new found obsession!

This is what it does to my office! Craig hates it!

My newest one!

This one takes the sewing machine!

And my favorite, the rose!

This is my new found obsession!

Fabric Flowers! I love them and they don't really love me. But I do my best!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good by Summer!

I can't believe school has started around here. We had a fun summer! Here are some pictures of Degan!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Out of sight out of mind!

And I am definitely out of my mind. It's been a long but and a lot has gone on. First Degan is growing up. He is a little man with a big attitude. He loves Mom, Dad and both Grandma's and thats it. He tolerates some others but not well. Craig is still working hard. And I keep him busy as can be when he comes home. Our yard finally looks like a yard could go there. Maybe next year we will plant some grass and get my awesome fire pit. Craig did put some rocks in a circle so I could have s'mores.

Summer has been crazy. First Miss Gem County was a success. Congrats to Sarah Downs and Bailey Butcher. We were able to crown two girls this year and they will be competing for Miss Idaho next June. We have a facebook, check it out! Also we are starting the program Miss Gem County Outstanding Teen Pageant. Girls 14 to 16 if interested let me know and I can get you some info.

Our garden looks great! We are getting about a hand full of raspberries every other day. Degan loves them. All the other plants look great just no harvest yet! It is early!

Last weekend we had a yard sale with some of my cousins. Too much work and not fun. I don't think that I will ever do one of those again. And it was hot and I didn't make a dang thing.

My sister has a pool, so Degan and I go swimming every once in a while. Its really nice to cool off and let Degan play. There back yard is way better than ours. And he gets to play with his cousins. Craig and I have also got up to the dam a couple of times. It seems like every time I wake board something else hurts. Thanks to our friends with pools and boats. It is going to keep us cool this summer.

Craig has been playing on a softball league. They only ask me to play if they don't have enough girls. I am not the star of the team, but I usually have something funny to say! We played Church softball and it was fun only when we played Jeri's team!

Thats our summer so far! Maybe I will keep up!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Megan Walker took some pictures of Degan for his 1st Birthday. She did a great job. Thanks Megan!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I think that they are talking pictures of me?

This is my new friend, Ashley. She does lots of 1/2 maratons.


Not there yet :(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What adrenaline?

So I finished my first 1/2 Marathon. And my thoughts right now is that I am not going to ever do a full marathon. There is a line between I can do this an enjoy it and that would suck. I think that doing a full Marathon fits under the that sucks category. I ran 13.1 miles in 3 hours and 1 minute. I wanted to finish under 3 hours and I didn't which I am a little sad about that one minute. I could have done it. My sisters rock! Anna made it in 2 hours and 34 minutes and Darcia made it in 2 hours and 44 minutes. I met a new friend that kept me company for a couple miles, Ashley. Her husband and kids were there, and he was hilarious. He was yelling things like, "I am holding a baby and my wife is running." As for Becky Green. She totally kicks butt. She made it in 1 hour and 51 minutes. As for the adrenaline. It never kicked in for me. Lots of people told me that the last three miles was just adrenaline. Well not for me. I died at mile 10, where I usually did in training. And the guy at the last aid station that said that I only had a mile left, he needs to be kicked in the face. If I wasn't so sore I might hunt him down and do it my self. He lied. I had 2 miles left. That is a big difference. JERK!

The food at the end was great but I just ran my butt off and couldn't eat any of it. Everything that I did get Anna and Darcia ate and then Darcia threw it up. That was nasty. On the cement in front of Forever 21. The Creamy's that Becky said were so good. They were. I did eat one of those. I would recommend them after running 13 miles any time. Or should I say 13.1 miles. Awesome!

Kudos to me for finding a great location for our hotel room. When it was all over we walked up over the over pass and there was our hotel. Great spot!

I had a great time with my sisters. We didn't spend lots of time together with Anna, but she called us and texts us frequently. Just a FYI for any one driving in Utah any time soon. Don't do it. They are crazy man and the police are ridiculous. I got pulled over because the tent of my windows was too dark. Not kidding. He pulled out some thing and told me to roll up my windows half way so he could check them. And it is true they were too dark for the state of Utah. He also lied about me speeding. If Darcia tells you I am a bad driver she is lying too. I am a good driver, I just get spooked easily.

As for doing it again, hopefully sometime this week I can remember to run again. And I am going to start training for the Emmett triathlon. I am just running it. Maybe next year I can do the whole thing, swim, bike and run. My training days are not over. And Jeri and Alisa yours have just started! But I am not sure about another marathon. We will see!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am not dying yet!

So I thought maybe that I would have six months to live. But it is not true. I have my whole life!!! The wonderful doctor that upset Milly, I mean Millie (sorry Jeri) told me today that she would go away just as soon as I stopped running. Okay thats not the truth either. She is just there to make me pay lots of money to find out that she is infected and will go away with time. Even though Dr. Mumford wants to take her out for fun. Fun, what kind of fun is that. Some people's fun. Sounds like Kara, from what I learned at lunch yesterday. People would maybe stop thinking that it is a hickey on my neck. I had major trauma and they thought it was a hickey. It's sad but true, Millie will leave us. Hopefully sooner than later. That would also mean that I would have to pick up my prescription. Oops, I forgot.

So, the big race is in one day. I am getting a little nervous. I am still not sure what to wear. I did find good underwear though. That is a major thing. I will let you know how it goes.

Degan had his one year check up today and is doing great!! He is a thriving boy, he said that after Degan had the whole room torn apart. Megan Walker then came over and took some pictures of him. It was such a nice day. Degan really didn't work it very well, but I think she got some good ones. I will post them as soon and I get them. Degan gets to spend the night at Grandma's tomorrow night. I hope all goes well with that.

Wish me LUCK!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


We had Degan's 1st Birthday party yesterday. It was lots of fun and messy!! I can't believe it; I have a one year old. And he isn't my baby anymore.

He loved the cake!

My mother helped me decorate the cake.

His diaper was nasty after eating that green frosting!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dr. M made Milly mad!!

It all started like a month and a half ago, I was sitting at my mothers house and we were just talking. I then felt her for the first time... Milly. I said, there is a big bump on my neck. And no one said anything or even cared that I could be dying. So then like two weeks later at church I was talking to Ericka and I can't remeber if I said something or she noticed it, but in the end she had me worried. I do blame most of this on Ericka. So I caught Dr. Mumford in the hallway at church and he said that I have to have the bump ultrasounded. Who knew that ultrasounds were used for all different reasons! So we got Milly ultrasounded and didn't get the answers we or Doc. (that is what Bransen calls him)wanted. So yesterday I took Milly (she is attached) over to St Lukes to get a Biopsy. I was thinking no big deal... they will numb me and get what they need and I will be home. First of all when I step in to a hospital I start to get queasy and emotional. After check in, I went to imaging and learned first hand what a biopsy is. He took a needle, I don't know how big because I didn't look, and numbed me, kinda. Then he took another needle and put more numbing stuff in there. I am pretty sure that he punctured my throat and we would have to have emergency surgery on it. But apparently he didn't. Then one at a time though the same hole he put 5 yes, FIVE different needles and shook up and down to get cells onto the needles. OOOOWWWW! It hurt and I cried. The nurse asked me if I was worried about the results. I wasn't but maybe I should be now. No I told her, I just cry in hospitals. My neck and Milly still hurt!

As for the name, Jeri called me and said that the large thing on my neck needs a name. I wanted something nice and she said Mildred or Bertha. So we compromised with Milly the mass. And Milly just wanted to be left alone and Doc wouldn't let it me and now she is mad and taking it out on me. That is my Milly story!

Monday, March 15, 2010

All that has happened and more!

Wow have we been busy. I had a very tough week for school last week and I wasn't sure that I was going to make it through, but I did, barely. This week is finals week and I think that I am going to pass. Craig has been working alot, and trying to build a shed and working on plans to add on. He is busy too. Degan is growing like a weed. Oh man. I just walk behind him and pick up everything that goes in the cubboards. I constantly clean and it never looks like it. He is walking and loving every minute. He loves to go outside, but hates to put shoes on. I need fast slip on shoes for him. I am still training for the 1/2 marathon in April. It is rough work, but exciting. It's really on a me thing to do. Last Saturday, Darcia and I ran up Old Freeze out hill. It wasn't bad until I was done. Then the numbness wore off and I hurt! Life is not slowing down.

Monday, February 22, 2010

So cute

So in nursery you can here the funniest things. But this one tops it. A little boy was tooting in class and someone said something to him and he said "There is bubbles in my pants." Love it!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Running are lives away.

That is what I feel some days. This semester has been a crazy one. On top of the classes I am taking I have volunteer 66 hours at the high school. I get up and go to the school, come home do some homework and housework and then go to class. This is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I can't wait for Thursday to get done. By that time I am waisted.

About four weeks ago Darcia (my sister) called my up and asked if I would like to run the Salt Lake City 1/2 Marathon. Oh and the training starts today. I of course said yes. I would like everyone to know that I am right on track with the training and on April 17th 2009 I am going to run the marathon with three of my sisters and some friends. I have one sister that wont be able to make it. Only because she is having a baby in March. It is going to be fun. The training is very hard but I am progressing. Yesterday out of the 4 miles I ran 3 of them. Rock on DIAN. When this started I could barely run a 1/4 of a mile straight. And yesterday I ran a mile and 1/2 straight. I feel personal acheivements!

Degan is growing up so fast. What happened to my baby. He has been standing by himself for sometime now. About a month ago he started to try and walk. Today he is walking all around my house. He is so cute too. He is so proud of himself and falls sometimes because he gets so excited. It is so funny. When he falls he claps his hands.

Craig is working hard for are family. We only wish that he could be in town more often. Degan loves his daddy. Degan and I took a couple of trips to Twin Falls to see him. Degan doesn't travel well. But we made it there and back twice. On our trips we got to catch up on some friends of mine from college. Matt, Jessica and Halle. And oh my, Halle is so cute. Jeremy and Alisa, we miss you, especially Degan. He loves his Godparents. Someday we will all have to meet at our house.

I will blog more on my training. Six miles tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The End of 2009

Can anyone believe it.... 2009 is over.

My 2009 highlights are:
Degan was born April 6, 2009.
His cousin was born Feb 7, 2009; Elizabeth Buhrig.
Craig got a steady job in March.
We bought a house in August.
Terry came home from is mission in September.
I quit my job in September to be home with Degan. (AWESOME)
I also started school again. (I am not sure that is a highlight but it happened.)
And we had another great year in McCall with the family.

2009 was a great year. So much happened. Thanks to family and friends that loved and supported us in all that we did. To Linda and Steve helping us move 3 times in a short amount of time. Oh and I was eight months prego. Thanks to my parents that helped us find the perfect house for our cute little family. To Jeri and Scott-Maybe this year we can find more friends to party with! And to the girls that watch our husbands play basketball, here's to another season! Hopefully 2010 will bring as much joy as 2009!

2010 Resolutions
You know the norm
Loose weight and get fit. (Just get healthy!)
Craig and I really need to get our budget in order.
Be a better wife and mother.
Study hard in school.
Hopefully sometime this year Craig and I can build on to our house. (We have major plans.)

This is the YEAR!!!

Christmas 2007