Friday, April 9, 2010

Dr. M made Milly mad!!

It all started like a month and a half ago, I was sitting at my mothers house and we were just talking. I then felt her for the first time... Milly. I said, there is a big bump on my neck. And no one said anything or even cared that I could be dying. So then like two weeks later at church I was talking to Ericka and I can't remeber if I said something or she noticed it, but in the end she had me worried. I do blame most of this on Ericka. So I caught Dr. Mumford in the hallway at church and he said that I have to have the bump ultrasounded. Who knew that ultrasounds were used for all different reasons! So we got Milly ultrasounded and didn't get the answers we or Doc. (that is what Bransen calls him)wanted. So yesterday I took Milly (she is attached) over to St Lukes to get a Biopsy. I was thinking no big deal... they will numb me and get what they need and I will be home. First of all when I step in to a hospital I start to get queasy and emotional. After check in, I went to imaging and learned first hand what a biopsy is. He took a needle, I don't know how big because I didn't look, and numbed me, kinda. Then he took another needle and put more numbing stuff in there. I am pretty sure that he punctured my throat and we would have to have emergency surgery on it. But apparently he didn't. Then one at a time though the same hole he put 5 yes, FIVE different needles and shook up and down to get cells onto the needles. OOOOWWWW! It hurt and I cried. The nurse asked me if I was worried about the results. I wasn't but maybe I should be now. No I told her, I just cry in hospitals. My neck and Milly still hurt!

As for the name, Jeri called me and said that the large thing on my neck needs a name. I wanted something nice and she said Mildred or Bertha. So we compromised with Milly the mass. And Milly just wanted to be left alone and Doc wouldn't let it me and now she is mad and taking it out on me. That is my Milly story!


Jeri Short Gurney said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I laughed so hard I peed. I hope youre planning on bringing me a new pair of panties cuz its all your fault that I wet myself. It's a good thing we have such a good sense of humor about Millie (I prefer to spell her name with an "ie"). Id just rather laugh at her then to be afraid of her. Although now that she is ticked from being prodded she may try to retaliate... Hope you enjoyed the store bought cookies I made for you!

Alisa said...

Why have you not called and told me about Milly!! I could have made an emergency visit to see her and fyi my dad could have lanced it for you....he is an animal doctor :) But seriously this is almost as scary as when you came down with the diabetes right before my wedding....good thing they didn't have to biopsy your leg! Call me when you get a chance. I am worried!

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