Monday, September 22, 2008

What a rainy weekend!

It all started Friday night, Craig was on the chain gang at the Emmett Football game. So me and Erin went to the game. I did get a little wet and the wind was blowing too. It was Erin’s birthday so after the game we went to La Costa for dinner. It was a late dinner! I just ate the chips and salsa. And I didn’t throw it up! Ya!!!!
My first year doing the women’s fitness walk was one to remember. I had convinced my Mother-in-law to do it with me. So Saturday morning at 7:00 we left for Boise. We could see lightening and it poured on us on the way over. But went on, that was our first mistake! When we parked, Jeri called me to see where we were. She told me it was barely sprinkling at the start line. That was huge lie. When we got there, she and every one else was soaking wet. I walked up hill for 3.1 miles very wet. We finished, between 1:04 and 1:05. If you can see the video we are there! We got some goodies and headed for the car. I got really cold on the way home. I took a hot shower and wanted to sleep. Craig and Scott planned a BSU football party. Instead of watching the game or sleeping through it, I went to Nampa shopping with Jeri. I forgot how much fun shopping with Jeri is. She can’t make up her mind on anything!!!! At 7:00 we had our WII Party!! I made it til about 9:30. Then I crashed on Jeri’s couch. But before I did, I rocked out to dance revaluation and won the first round of the bowling game!!!! I slept as long as I could on Sunday. Went to Church with my parents and at dinner at Craig’s parents house. Then we went to Rita’s house for Cheese cake for Erin’s birthday!! It was good!


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