Thursday, September 4, 2008

Life is crazy!

I know that I am not that busy at work, but beyond work I am. Craig started school a week ago from Monday. He is driving all over the place. To class, fixing someone’s garage door, back to class and home. We have been going to Emmett every weekend to help there. My Mom and I have been canning like crazy. In the past two weekends we have bottle soup, salsa, tomato juice, sweet and sour sauce and enchilada sauce. Give or take 175 pint jars and 30 quarts. My Mom has done 50 or more quarts of salsa for Darcia. We aren’t done yet. Since Darcia just had her babies and doesn’t have time to can her self we are trying to do all she needs too. Last year Rachel Brown/ Swansen gave my Mom some home made enchilada sauce and she love it. When she called for recipe Rachel said well this is the main ingredients but we just added until liked it. So we tried and I think that it turned out good. My Mom’s garden was good this year, except for the peppers. Who knows what happened to them. And she would have pumpkins if she didn’t kill them with spray. I planted them twice too. She has lots of watermelon and cantaloupe. They taste great! Life is great!


Christmas 2007