Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My new hobbie!

About 3 weeks ago, Craig and I went up to Cascade and got 3 old dressers from my cousin's other grandma's house. Here are the before pictures. We just finished refinishing them. It was lots of hard work. The big tall one we just washed and painted black. The mirror on that one was locked when we got it. My dad popped it open. It takes a old key to open it. We have tried like 4 or 5 keys and non of them work. The other two we stripped the varnish and stain and restained them a mix of mahogany and cherry. I really wanted it mahogany. My mom had a little mahogany, but not enough to do it all, and some cherry. So we mixed it and made our own color. The stripper stuff we used, I highly recommend it. It was called "Stripper" Ace brand. It did wonders! We used mineral spirits to wash them after the stripper stuff. It was lots of fun to do it. I really wanted a new bedroom set, so now I do, almost. Next I am looking for a head board and foot board that I can refinish to match! I will post the finished pictures soon.


Christmas 2007