Monday, July 21, 2008

My kind of camping!

Friday after work Craig and I went with Jeri and Scott and Bransen and Alisa and Jeremy up the Scott's family cabin. It is a really nice cabin up by cascade lake. They have lake front access walking distance from the cabin. We left around 6, (we were a little late because of Craig) and got up there a little after 8. Bransen got car sick on the ride up so we had to stop at the Cougar Mountain Lodge. I was glad to stop. I was getting a little car sick too. Jeremy and Alisa were about a half hour behind us. That night we just talked and played games. Alisa gets a little loopy when she gets tired. Saturday night we ate breakfast and was out on the lake about 10:30. We first went on a little boat ride to see Tamarack and it's beach front. There weren't many boats out. We spent the next 4 hours wakeboarding, skiing, and tubing. It was lots of fun. I tried to get Jeri to tube but she wouldn't. Scott said that his baby would come out with a stutter. Jeremy and Alisa left about 2. Craig and I battled it out on the tubes. I think the tubes won. At about 3 we loaded the boat and headed back to the cabin. We got cleaned up and went to Ice cream Alley in McCall. I got Lemon Pie Shake. It was so big, but sooo good. Saturday night Craig and Scott made us a camp fire like real boy scouts! We roasted Nathan's hot dogs and brots and marshmellows for smores. Mmmm! Sunday morning I woke up unable to move. I was so sore, from working muscles that I wasn't sure that I had and from being sun burnt. I think we all got sun burns. Jeri got it the worst. But we all got it pretty good! It was a great little weekend get a way. We had a great time. Brandsen was such a good baby the whole time. He is a talked just like his mommy!


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