Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wow, time flies! I helped my sister with Miss Gem County. Which if you ask me was a huge success! It was lots of fun. The girls were great! I put the program together and it turned out awesome. Thanks to Idaho Web Printers. We have organized it so next years program will be a piece of cake to put together. Hopefully! On Saturday Darcia and I went to Miss Idaho. Kodos to Sarah! We totally got detoured all over Boise, but still made it. We always have a great time together! Congrats to Kara Jackson, Miss Idaho. I really don't know who she is, but she won. Miss Gem County was Monday and Congrats to Keili!! You did a great job. Good luck in the coming year! Thanks to all that helped. To Jeri, thanks for the help on the computer. One of these days we will hang out again. I am not sure what happened! I can't wait for Fair FOOD! Last year there was a grease ball in my stomach for a week. I can't imagine this year being any different!


Christmas 2007