Thursday, October 9, 2008

2nd appointment

I had my second baby appointment on Monday. Everything is going great! I lost 5 pounds from the last appointment. My doctor really didn’t like that. We heard the heart beat. It was 160. The baby was moving all over the place. It wasn’t very long. I did schedule my next appointment and my 2nd ultrasound for November 25th. We will hopefully know what it is before Thanksgiving!


Bret and Jenny said...

I wouldn't worry about the weight. I lost 15 pounds my first trimester because I couldn't eat without throwing up, well, I didn't gain much weight at all because I was always sick. London was a perfect baby and obviously now doesn't need any help in the weight department. Good luck with your next appointments! I am so excited for you!

Alisa said...

di-nice blog...your music was way better than jeri's today. Hear anything about Craig and that job??? I can't stand being over here all alone anymore. Sweet picture you look great. 5 lbs is like water weight I can gain that in like an hour :) You keep hydrated and don't go in that stinky garage. Call me if you're ever bored at work...most likely I am too :)

Jeri Gurney said...

Shut-up Alisa. My music ROCKS!

Micah and Ericka Thayn said...

Yay!!! So, the ultrasound Nov. 25th, are you already going to be able to see if you're having a boy or girl? I don't really know these things...or is it too soon...I'm guessing it's too soon, but I thought I'd ask! Love love!!

Erika said...

You've been "Boo-ed" check my blog for your "treat".

I think I would be estatic if I were pregnant and lost weight. I'm sure you're enjoying not having to worry about what you're craving at any given moment. Hope everything is going well!

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